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Lux-Optic is a Exclusive Carl Zeiss Business Partner for the optical microscope for Material Research, industrial application and image analysis systems. We are also specialized in Biomedical Routine and Research Applications. Our lifelong experienceOur lifelong experience, combined with the well-known quality of Carl ZEISS, guarantee that we can offer you a solution which fits your needs. We are the exclusive dealer of “DeltaPix” digital cameras and software. In addition with the Zeiss Microscope Axiocam camera we can always offer the best solution for our customers.


Lux-Optic welcomes you on our brand new website. As mentioned above, we are an exclusive business partner of Carl Zeiss in Belgium and Luxemburg for the Materials Microscope branch. We have tried to categorize many of our products into 4 main groups. So if you are interested in a particular product, then follow a link below. Or feel free to surf through our website.





ZEISS Axioscope 5

Your Smart Microscope for Biomedical Routine and Research and also for Material microscopy


” This is Smart Microscopy
Digital Documentation Made Easy “


Used in combination with Axiocam 202 mono or Axiocam 208 color, you have the full advantage of a smart standalone microscope system. Camera settings such as white balance, contrast and exposure time are done automatically. Without needing additional imaging software or even a computer, you can:

  • Snap images and record videos directly from your stand.
  • Use the mouse to control your camera via on-screen display (OSD).
  • Save settings.
  • Store images with all metadata of the microscope and camera as well as scaling information.
  • Predefine the name or rename your image.

ZEISS luxoptic axioscope 5 smart microscope

Interested? We have a complete article with more product information and key features of the ZEISS Axioscope 5.  Please click on the button to continue reading.
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ZEISS Axioscope for Materials

axioscope overviewThe Axioscope upright light microscope, was designed specifically to meet the most common optical imaging requirements of materials laboratories. This newly upgraded Axioscope is the right choice if your routine inspection tasks place high demands on usability, reproducibility and automation – and you also need advanced optical microscopy for materials analysis and metallography. Being a complete material laboratory solution, Axioscope is also the first choice from an economic point of view.


Discover the ZEISS Axioscope Product Family

Axioscope 5

Manual microscope with coded components for reproducible and reliable results in the analysis of material cuts, thin sections, and fracture surfaces.

Axioscope 5 Polarization

Manual microscope with coded components, typical applications for polarization microscopy: geology, mineralogy and metallography.

Axioscope 7

Microscope with coded and motorized components for material microscopy required in advanced imaging and workflow automation.

Axioscope Vario

Flexible material microscope, designed for reflected-light & fluorescence applications, extended specimen space, objects up to 380 mm



Stemi 305 & 508 Stereo Microscopes

Discover the new generation of stereo microscopes here. The Zeiss Stemi 305 and Stemi 508 stereo microscope offer slightly different unique features.

Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope

The Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Material Microscope. Equipped with apochromatic optics and precise mechanics designed for heavy workloads. This is your quality stereo microscope for everyday lab work and industrial inspections. Stemi 508 displays your samples exactly as they are: rich in detail, sharp in focus and free from distortion or color fringes. Take advantage of its impressive stereoscopic image contrast. The large 8:1 zoom lets you get an overview within a 35 mm object field, with up to 50x magnification. By adding interchangeable optics, you can observe whole specimens at sizes up to 121 mm. With its lower viewing angle of 35° Stemi 508 stereo has better ergonomics. Stemi 508 stereo is your robust all-rounder: easy to use, ergonomic —and always accurate.

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Stemi 305 Stereo Microscope

The Zeiss Stemi 305 Stereo Material Microscope. Your compact stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom for biological education, labs and industrial production. Observe samples in true color, 3D – no preparation required. Profit from this easy-to-use microscope, everything is integrated: long-living LED illumination, reflected and transmitted light illumination and documentation. Choose between the phototube to have access to all ZEISS microscope cameras or the integrated 1.2 Megapixel Wifi camera to connect several microscopes and share your images via WLAN.

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ZEISS cameras

Axiocam 305c

Your Fast 5 Megapixel Microscope Camera for Routine and Research Labs Axiocam 305 color is your 5 m…

Axiocam 105c

Experience Axiocam 105 color microscope camera – your small and fast microscope camera with USB 3.0.

Axiocam 506m

Axiocam 506 mono microscope camera, a flexible 6 megapixel microscope camera. USB 3.0, 5 Gb data transfer rate.

Axiocam 506c

Axiocam 506 color, a 6 megapixel color microscope camera. USB 3.0 interface and HDTV image view at up to 33 fps.