ZEISS ZEN 2 core

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Imaging Software for efficient microscopy

ZEN 2 core is powerful software for microscopy imaging, automated control of motorized ZEISS microscopes, and multi-modal workflows in material laboratory environments.

Easy to Configure
Easy to Use

Benefit from an adaptive user interface tailored to the needs of industrial and research environments. ZEN 2 core offers you configurable user management to specify users and roles. Whatever their level of experience, operators will learn the software quickly.

Advanced Imaging and Automated Analysis

ZEN 2 core is the command center for automated imaging and analysis functions on compound light microscopes. By using built-in automated image acquisition routines, you benefit from the consistency of an advanced and repeatable workflow.

Infrastructure Solution for the Connected Lab

ZEN 2 core provides the infrastructure for connected laboratory environments, linking ZEISS imaging and microscope solutions to a single, familiar GUI and keeping your valuable data together across instruments, laboratories, and locations.



One Interface for all ZEISS Microscopes in a Multi-User Environment

From entry-level stereo microscopes to motorized and fully automated imaging systems, ZEN 2 core provides a unified user interface for ZEISS microscopes and cameras. With the Shuttle & Find module, ZEN 2 core also links and bridges compound light, digital and electron microscopy.

zen 2 core one interface for all zeiss microscopes


Imaging Solution for Cameras, Microscopes, and Multi-modal Workflows

Manual Microscope and Camera
  • Software: ZEN 2 starter
  • Control of the camera for image acquisition
Motorized Microscope and Camera
  • Software: ZEN 2 core
  • Full control of the motorized microscope
  • Internal file archive
  • Optional fully functional image database
Multi-modal Workflows
  • Software: ZEN 2 core
  • Connects different cameras and microscopes
  • Manages correlative workflows between compound light, digital and electron microscopy via Shuttle & Find
  • Integrates office workstations for image analysis and reporting
  • Internal file archive
  • Optional fully functional image database


Connectivity between Systems, Laboratories and Locations


  • Maintain data integrity across systems, laboratories, and locations
  • Scalable database sizes according to customer needs
  • Centralized user management
  • Exchange of job templates and results
  • Standardized interface between IMAGIC IMS database and individual ZEN 2 core installations
    (only available in specific countries)


User Management Designed to Assure Data Repeatability and Integrity

ZEN 2 core gives you the benefit of an adaptive user interface tailored to the needs of industrial and research environments. ZEN 2 core also offers you configurable user management, so you can specify users and user roles. Whatever their level of experience, operators will learn the software quickly.




Standard features

  • Full operational control of ZEISS microscopes, cameras, and components
  • Workbenches for repetitive application tasks
  • Single and automated panorama image acquisition
  • User management functionality
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image acquisition
  • Create and manage input forms
  • Live image video recording
  • Image and data information displayed in datazone below the image
  • Best Image functionality
  • Enhanced depth of field via manual focus
  • Measurement functions
  • Microsoft Word® reports and report templates
  • Data archive for images, documents and templates
  • Image export to all standard image formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF
  • Connection to ConfoMap

zen 2 core - open designOptional features

  • Enhanced depth of field
    Automatically acquire multiple images at different focus positions (Z-stack) and combine them to an image with enhanced depth of field
  • Tiles & Positions
    Record exact, highly resolved images of multiple field of views by automatically scanning predefined areas
  • Software autofocus
    Automatically determine the optimum focus position on your sample
  • ZEN 2 core macro environment
    Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with editor and debugger. Enables intermediate users to customize and automate ZEN for their needs with a selected set of commands.
  • Shuttle & Find
    Correlative Microscopy module links images and data from different light and/or electron microscopes in a multi-modal workflow
  • GxP module
    Audit Trail and process insurance. Precondition for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Data management
    Interface module to seamlessly connect to IMAGIC Database Server (only available in specific countries)
  • Online measurement
    Measurement capability in the live image with save and burn-in capability
  • Automated image analysis
    Creation of automatic measurement workbenches, e.g. for phase analysis or particle analysis
  • Linkam (hardware control)
    Interface to control Linkam heating and cooling stages
  • Advanced processing & analysis
    Add hierarchical measurements and more processing to your image analysis






Including material modules for the determination of grain sizes, phases and layer thicknesses as well as for the classification of graphite particles, ZEN 2 core provides all important metallographic applications under a uniform user interface.


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