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ZEISS Axiolab, 5 Your Smart Microscope for Easy Digital Documentation.

Combine Axiolab 5 with the ZEISS microscope camera “Axiocam” and take full advantage of the smart microscopy concept: you’ll be experiencing a completely new form of digital documentation. The digital image will look exactly like you see it through the eyepieces, with all the details and subtle color differences clearly visible. Plus, Axiolab 5 automatically adds the correct scaling information to your images. You get all of this in a stand-alone operation, without needing a PC or any additional software. Save time, money and valuable lab space with Axiolab 5.



  • Increase Efficiency in Your Routine Lab

    Once you find a region of interest, simply press the snap button right on the stand to acquire the image. It’s as easy as that. Axiolab 5 offers you an easy handling, ergonomic user concept that’s adapted to your lab routine.

    Control the microscope and its attached camera without even changing your grip. Your smart microscope system then automatically adjusts the parameters for you and documents your sample precisely as you see it through the eyepieces – detail-rich and in true color.

    The correct scaling is always included automatically. You don’t need to invest in another computer or software either. With smart microscopy you will work more efficiently and always stay focused on your sample.

  • Clever Ergonomics for Relaxed Lab Work

    Axiolab 5 is strong on ergonomy and efficiency. You access all the main controls with just one hand, including the Snap button, stage drive, focus adjustment, and brightness control.

    Ergotubes and the height and torque adaptable rackless stage allow you to work in a comfortable position, even during extended use.

    Simply adjust the viewing height to find the most comfortable position. The dual specimen holder means fewer slide changes – for example, when you’re examining IHC slides – so fatigue is reduced.

    Overall, Axiolab 5 minimizes and eases out the manual steps, allowing you to work more efficiently and in greater comfort

  • More Efficient All Round

    Axiolab 5 is on your side when it comes to cost and energy-saving. Activate Eco-mode, for instance, and Axiolab 5 automatically goes to standby after being idle for 15 minutes. Its clever illumination concept also supports your quest for greater efficiency in the lab. The Light Manager provides uniform brightness at all magnifications, and can even be set for different contrasts.

    The new powerful white LED illumination with very high color rendering index allows you to visualize your sample in true color. The constant color temperature of the LED facilitates system operation and digital documentation. For fluorescence, the powerful LEDs in various wavelenghts are both energy efficient and easier to handle than conventional HBO illumination.

    With LEDs, you will also avoid warm-up and cool-down times, lamp replacement and lamp adjustment.

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Boost Your Efficiency

It can take a lot of time to acquire detail-rich, true-color images. You know the drill: place the sample, focus your region of interest, switch to the computer, adjust settings such as white balance, exposure time and gain, then acquire an image, insert a scale bar, switch back to the microscope … and so on.

That’s what a typical documentation workflow looks like. Now, with the Axiolab 5 system, you can stay focused on your sample at all times, thanks to smart microscopy. Digital documentation is inherent in the system design. Just press the ergonomic Snap button on the microscope and you’re done. The procedure integrates perfectly with your established microscopy workflow and boosts your efficiency tremendously.

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