Topography Module

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Whether you are dealing with height measurements for production control in the automotive industry, roughness measurements or 3D reconstructions for the optical assessment of production tolerances – the Topography module generates height maps of your samples automatically or interactively using a contact-free and nondestructive method.


Your work with this module is based on z-stack images of your samples, interactively acquired images from various focus planes or stereo image pairs acquired via both ports of a stereomicroscope. From these, the Topography module generates the following for you:

  • 3D topographies from various perspectives with texture, grid or surface shading
  • Roughness measurements in accordance with EN ISO 4287
  • Height measurements

The measurements are performed along a profile line that you have drawn into the topographic image using a measurement tool. Several profiles can be drawn in and simultaneously selected. The measurement results are displayed in a table. The parameters of the primary profile, waviness or roughness are displayed on the basis of the cut-off wavelength (lambda) selected. The module also offers a wide range of functions from the display of sharp regions like a texture image and dynamic flooding in the height image to the possibility of modifying projections and height images via look-up tables. All height information is stored in the image and is available at any time. Integrated guidelines The AxioVision Topography module calculates the following roughness parameters in accordance with EN ISO 4287:

  • Ra: arithmetic mean of the profile ordinates
  • Rq: quadratic mean of the profile ordinates
  • Rsk: skewness of the profile
  • Rku: steepness of the profile
  • Rv: depth of the greatest profile valley
  • Rp: height of the greatest profile peak
  • Rt: total height of the profile