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MICROSCOPIE : Education & Service

Practical microscopy training has a long tradition at ZEISS and so do we! Our own continuous education as well as cooperation projects with scientists in high-ranking laboratories ensure that we are always up to date.

  • Methods

Our training and introduction to microscopy impart an understanding of the theoretical background as well as practical skills in many applications from materials science.

  • Specially Tailored Courses

We also offer customized courses at our demo room or at your facility to meet your individual requirements. If you need professional support for your training, we would like to help with our expertise.

IMAGING SOFTWARE : Education & Service

During the last decades computer-based microscopy has established itself and revolutionized the microscopy field. The areas of application and range of functions of computer-based microscopy software like AxioVision and ZEN are tremendous. Trust on our skills, with our team we can fit the software to your specific needs.


Buying a microscope can be a big investment and we are not only talking about the budget. Understanding what you need and how well a product meets your requirements, can be best tested with hands-on. We offer the latest products from ZEISS and Detla-pix in our demo room. Are you planning to invest in a new product? Please contact us and we welcome you in our demo room for a hands-on and a good conversation about your specific needs.

Demo Room