We offer AxioVision and Delta Pix-InSight as image analysis software. The free base platform can be upgraded with modules which makes your work a lot easier.


Zeiss – Axio Vision

ZEISS ZEN 2 core

Imaging Software for efficient microscopy ZEN 2 core is powerful software for microscopy imaging, a...

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Analyze cast iron fully automatically and in accordance with the applicable standards with c...

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Layer Thickness Measurement

This module enables you to measure the thickness of your layers. Both single and multiple la...

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The Multiphase module enables you to analyze the phase distribution in your samples. In addition, th...

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Using this module you can determine the grain size of a wide variety of materials. Analyses can be p...

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NMI Systems

Determining Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel... Current and new industry standards define a wide ra...

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Particle Analyzer System

Nowadays, guidelines and standards place numerous sectors under an obligation to guarantee and docu...

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Topography Module

Whether you are dealing with height measurements for production control in the automotive industry,...

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Image Analysis Modules

Interactive Measurement With this module, parameters describing the specimen can be determined inte...

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Delta Pix – In Sight

Lux-Optic Workstation

FireWire Axiocam Laptop Solution

Do you need a mobile solution for microscope imaging? Then you might be interested in this FireWire...

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Workstation Lux-Optic

Lux-Optic offers a customized workstation with a proven and sufficient performance, fitting perfectl...

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