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Primotech is your clever imaging solution with an attractive price-to-performance ratio. Build-up a wireless network: connect and access multiple microscopes through Matscope, the imaging app from ZEISS. Experience the efficient and smooth workflow from image acquisition over analysis, measurement of e.g. layer thickness to report – profit from fast time-to-results.

With Primotech you profit from combined ease-of-use and industry-readiness in one system.


Connect Your Lab

Connect your Lab and Classroom with Matscope, the free available ZEISS imaging app. Connect multiple users and multiple microscopes to each other. Possible to share your images and videos wirelessly.

Results You Can Rely On

Achieve fast, dependable results. The 5x nosepiece turret is encoded – you save time and eliminate a possible source of error. Benefit from stable color temperature and energy saving LED illumination.

Profit from Tailored Solutions

Advantage of unrivaled sample space – up to 34 mm. Equip your Primotech with the ESD stage to avoid electrostatic discharge from the stand to the electronic component samples. Investigate opaque or transparent material in one stand with simultaneous transmitted and reflected light.





ZEISS Matscope Application

Matscope App

Your Doorway to the Digital World With Matscope in combination with Primotech and its integrated camera you receive high-quality images in an easy-to-use way. Matscope is your imaging app, which brings you all the measurement functionality you need. Profit from the advantages of touch-based apps as intuitive as your smartphone, with the reliability and feature set you expect from industry-grade software. Running on your iPad, Matscope is seamlessly integrated into your network, be it a Windows, Mac or Linux environment. You exchange files with any computer. Download Matscope from the App Store for free and experience it with the virtual microscope.


Primotech possibilities



Examine various applications

  • Primotech for Thick, Opaque Materials Samples

    Examine thin to thick metallographic samples to analyze grains, multiphase etc.

  • Primotech D/A for Translucent to Transparent, Thin Material Samples

    Examine PC boards, PCBA and other electronic products.

  • Primotech D/A POL for Translucent to Transparent, Thin Material Samples

    Examine plastics, ceramics, crystals, natural and synthetic fibre.

  • Primotech D POL for Conoscopy of Birefringent Material Samples

    Examine plastics, ceramics, crystals, natural and synthetic fibre.