Particle Analyzer System

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Nowadays, guidelines and standards place numerous sectors under an obligation to guarantee and document the cleanliness of their products in a verifiable way. For instance, the pharmaceutical industry is subject to FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and the automotive industry to the standard VDA Volume 19. These require the analysis of complete samples and the standard-compliant acquisition of images of even the smallest particles.


Analyzing residual dirt on filter membranes, examining lubricants, identifying defects in die cast components, inspecting distributions of active substances in crystalline form in ointments, detecting, separating and measuring plaques in microtiter plates – behind the AxioVision module Particle Analyzer Projects stands an integrated total system for a versatile range of applications. Tailored to industrial practice, this system impresses with its performance and ease of operation. It automatically sets classes and boundaries and selects the measurement parameters. The particles can be classified on the basis of various types (reflective, non-reflective, fibers, etc.). Measurement results are presented clearly in an image gallery and can be edited. It is also possible to relocate, further process, delete or reclassify particles – an important function that enables you to control and correct your measurement results at any time. The key to the system’s convenience and operational reliability is the fact that, on the basis of the motorized microscope platform, the entire measurement procedure is performed fully automatically from image acquisition and particle detection to analysis and report generation. For microscopy you can reliably reproduce.

Integrated guidelines

The Particle Analyzer system supports all national and international key standards: e.g. ISO 4406, ISO 16232 and VDA Volume 19. The corresponding classes and class boundaries are set automatically and the relevant  measurement parameters are selected. Within the context of GxP projects as an option Carl Zeiss can also supply – with AxioVision GxP* – the necessary software and documentation. A certifiable calibration standard is also available as an option for system inspection. The analysis system is configurable and you can easily add new standards to the existing system yourself without having to wait for new software.