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Determining Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel… Current and new industry standards define a wide range of requirements for determining the content of non-metallic inclusions in steel. NMI is integrated into a total system with a practical orientation and enables you to determine the content of non-metallic inclusions reliably and with absolute precision in accordance with established steel standards.


Developed in collaboration with experienced users involved in the production and application of steel, NMI offers a powerful analysis method that allows you to respond reliably to and comply with the requirements of even the latest industry standards. With NMI you control all system components fully automatically via the software. Workflows are automated with the help of test specifications, which can be adapted individually. Once it has been set up, the system scans the surfaces of your steel samples independently and analyzes them. Inclusions will be captured in full even if they are larger than the field of view of your camera.

Results display and data management

The results display in NMI sets the standard with regard to transparency and depth of information. A wide range of options is available for displaying the measurement values from the results view in image and tabular form to the selection of various gallery views offering all measurement and classification data, elimination of artifacts, etc. Reports are generated automatically according to the requirements of the selected standard and can be modified individually. All measurement data, such as tables, images, and reports, but also the test specifications are saved and managed in an Asset Archive. The archive features search and filter functions ensuring that the data can be easily found and called up again at any time.

Supported standards

NMI supports the following standards in a measurement:

  • EN 10247
  • DIN 50602
  • ASTM E45
  • ISO 4967
  • JIS G 0555