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The Multiphase module enables you to analyze the phase distribution in your samples. In addition, the module can determine the size, shape or orientation of up to 32 phases, precisely and fully automatically. Using Multiphase it is also possible to measure parameters such as the gray value intensity or to define your own measurement parameters. You can choose from over 300 measurement parameters that have been saved in AxioVision.

You decide which results you wish to document:

  • Percentage of the area represented by the selected phases.
  • Size of the individual particles of a phase.

 You can classify the particles of a phase by area, diameter or circumference, for example. The class boundaries and number of classes can be defined as you wish.  In addition, for each phase the module also provides you with the number of particles and the percentage of the area they represent. The results are clearly displayed in a report. You can save and manage all the data in an archive. Search and filter functions enable you to find your tables, images and reports there quickly and simply.