Layer Thickness Measurement

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This module enables you to measure the thickness of your layers. Both single and multiple layers can be measured. The module analyzes simple layers just as reliably and conveniently as complex layers. These are detected automatically.

With just a few clicks of the mouse the layer thickness measurement delivers reproducible results. A structured role concept supports you in this: all the key settings for the measurement procedure are defined in administrator mode, while the actual measurements are then performed in user mode. Consequently, the layer thickness measurement is very simple to perform, even for inexperienced users. When performing a measurement, you can define the measuring accuracy yourself. You can either specify the number of measurement chords or the distance between the measurement chords. Each layer is analyzed individually and precisely – irrespective of how many layers your sample has.

The measurement results are presented in the form of a clearly structured report. This contains:

  • measurement results
  • data on the sample
  • statistical analyses, such as the maximum and minimum chord lengths, and all other statistical values available in AxioVision