Axio Imager 2 MAT

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Axio Imager 2 ensures accurate and reproducible results from quality control and process control. It features brilliant optics and homogeneous illumination. The contrast manager and light manager ensure defined conditions and reproducible results at all times. Use ACR to automatically detect and configure objectives and contrast modules for Axio Imager Z2m. Choose your system out of four different stand versions and expand your applications with dedicated solutions: Particle Analyzer, Correlative Microscopy, …


  • Brilliant optics for superb contrast and resolution
  • Modular stand concept with a range of motorized and encoded components for enhanced flexibility
  • Reproducible results due to stable stand and vibration-free working conditions
  • Use Axio Imager 2 for your correlative microscopy workflow and particle analysis
  • Automated functions for accurate reproduction during quality controll and process control

A choice of contrasts

Take charge of your research and examine a diverse range of materials. Analyze metallic structures, composites, glass, wood and ceramics. Examine polymers, liquid crystals.
Choose from a wide variety of contrasting techniques to gain additional information. Use reflected light and observe your samples in brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), circular differential interference contrast (C-DIC), polarization or fluorescence. Use transmitted light and examine your samples in brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), polarization or circular polarization.

The contrast manager ensures reproducible illumination settings for your Axio Imager 2.