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Analyze cast iron fully automatically and in accordance with the applicable standards with consistent quality. Shape and size of graphite particles will be analyzed according to EN ISO 945-1 and also obtain the spheroid number according to the current version of the standard (03/2009). The nodularity of vermicular graphite can be determined according to SAE J 1887.

The following functionality apply to all methods:

  • The module analyzes the results exactly according to the specifications of the standard.
  • The analyses are documented in test reports
  • The module saves all measurement data in a clearly structured archive. The data tables, images, reports and test specifications contained within the archive can be found quickly and conveniently using powerful search and filter functions

Experienced users can define the measurement procedure in just a few steps. The report can also be adapted to your requirements. Once it has been set up, even inexperienced users are then able to operate the system conveniently and with little need for familiarization.