Ring Light 8ZC

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High-quality ring light with 8 individually controlled zones.

Deltapix Ring light 8ZC, high Power LED Ring light Illuminations, which can be used comfortably all day without tiring the operator’s eyes. This ring light can be diffuse for more uniformly illumination or optimized with a dedicated Fresnel lens for shorter or longer working distance. The Ring light 8ZC, can be found in two varied sizes to match the specific needs.


Ring Light 8ZC Specifications

Below are the technical specifications, for the large version :

  • 72 LEDs with adjustable intensity
  • Illuminance 21,000 Lux at 100 mm distance
  • Color temperature: 5200K, white light.
  • Outside diameter of ring light, bottom: Ø110mm
  • Max. Opening: Ø60mm
  • 5 years warranty

Deltapix Ring Light 8ZC pictures

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