FireWire Axiocam Laptop Solution

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Do you need a mobile solution for microscope imaging? Then you might be interested in this FireWire Axiocam Laptop Solution. Connect your Zeiss FireWire Axiocam to our special insertcard for your laptop. This will give you the mobility that you need to bring your laptop with camera everywhere you want. Our FireWire card with accessories, gives you the same operation quality like the equal workstation setup from Zeiss. We ensure you a smooth operation of the Axiocam camera without hickups.

Axiocam Laptop Solution

 FireWire-kit-laptop-AxiocamOrder our kit directly from Lux-Optic, by contacting us via the contact form. Click here to contact us.

In this kit, the following parts are included :

  • FireWire insertcard “2 x 9 pin FireWire port 1394b”
  • Power Supply 12V
  • Adapter plate for different sizes of laptop slots.

This kit has been approved by Carl Zeiss R&D and is the only stable solution when using a laptop!

How it works

The initial idea of FireWire cameras was speed and this is normally done with a Workstation. However, we often get customer questions to have a similar mobile Axiocam laptop solution. Since workstations are shipped with a special and stable FireWire PCI card with Texas Instrument chip, we must do a similar thing for your laptop. The Axiocam has a signal FireWire cable going to this insert card from the laptop. Add the extra power supply via the insert card, so that the camera gets its required power. Now at last, a connection is possible with AxioVision.


Insert the FireWire 1394b card into the special laptop slot, while the laptop is completely switched off! Connect the FireWire cable from your AxioCam camera to the FireWire insertcard. Finally connect the 12V DC power supply into the insertcard to provide the necessary power that the Axiocam camera requires.

Start the laptop to Windows and insert the latest DVD from AxioVision. This can be AxioVision 32bit or AxioVision 64bit depending on the setup. You can run the Installation Wizard from AxioVision or it is also possible to search the DVD contents for the folder “Axiocam”. We prefer the automated AxioVision installation wizard. Make sure that the the 1394 driver is set to 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller.

Windows XP driver : 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller

Windows Vista or later : 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)

Best Laptop / Notebook

lenovo-laptop-notebookIf you do not have a laptop / notebook yet, we highly recommend buying a Lenovo thinkpad. This type has been bought by most of our customers and we do not have particular issues.

Be aware that purchasing other brands is completely at your own risk.

Certain motherboards have settings in BIOS that interfere with the proper operation of AxioVision. Possible problems might be: Blue Screen of death when initializing the camera, stripes and other disturbances in the live image, frequent hanging of AxioVision.

Interested in our Lenovo product? Please contact us for a price offer.  Click here to request a price quote.