AxioCam ERc 5s

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The mobile & stand-alone microscope camera

The AxioCam ERc 5s microscope camera can be operated via AxioVision in the conventional way, but it also works as a stand-alone imaging station. Neither a PC nor any software are required in order to acquire images of your samples. This ZEISS camera acquires color images with 5 megapixels and stores them on memory cards in the economical and widely used SD format. The AxioCam ERc 5s is operated simply via two easily accessible buttons: one triggers the acquisition of the image, while the other performs the automatic white balance. If you subsequently wish to transfer your images to a PC, all you need to do is insert the SD card into the memory card slot on your PC. The AxioCam ERc 5s is compatible with all Carl Zeiss microscopes, making it possible for every microscope to be transformed, cost-effectively, into a full-fledged, mobile imaging station. This means that you can organize your laboratory processes much more flexibly than before, as you can decide which instrument you want to use to acquire images of your samples and where you do so. With our camera, troublesome tangled cables are a thing of the past.

If the requirements of your application change, or if you wish to adjust key camera parameters, simply connect the camera to your PC. Using the software supplied, you can change the color saturation, contrast, brightness and many other acquisition parameters.
With the AxioCam ERc 5s you are perfectly equipped for wide-ranging areas of application. You can perform quality controls on the move, for example. Samples can be documented conveniently on different microscopes. After defining the acquisition settings once on your computer, you can carry out routine tasks independently of the computer equipment at your workstation.

View smooth live images conveniently in a large format

The AxioCam ERc 5s sends your live images directly to the connected monitor or projector via a USB, AV or DVI signal. In the future you will be able to discuss your research results with your work group as you view them directly and conveniently on the monitor.

Do you have to sit at your microscope for long periods of time while you are working? If so, you are certain to benefit from the remote control supplied. Viewing your samples on the monitor means that your posture, the stand size, your working position or the viewing angle are no longer an issue. You can sit back and view your specimens in comfort.