Axio Zoom V16 MAT

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The microscope Axio Zoom.V16 delivers both high resolution and a zoom range of 16x. Zoom seamlessly from overview to the smallest details – with a large free working distance and a single objective. Quickly and easily stitch large tile-images at low to medium magnification with impressive double resolution.


Zoom between large object fields an minute detail

Your Axio Zoom.V16 combines its 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture and large working distance: even at low and medium magnifications you achieve resolutions up to twice as high. Don’t waste your time stitching tile-images: image entire components with just a few shots.

Optimized Zoom for Your Applications

The eZoom of Axio Zoom.V16 works with a motorized iris diaphragm coupled to the zoom. Simply select the best mode for your purpose:

  • Brightness mode: Observe fluorescence images over the complete zoom range with highest possible brightness.
  • Eyepiece mode: This is ideal if you work mainly with ocular observation using conventional illumination. You zoom from large object fields with maximum depth of field to high magnifications with maximum resolution.
  • Camera mode: Axio Zoom.V16 adapts to the performance of your camera. You get an optimal relation between resolution and depth of field across the whole zoom range.

EpiRel produces a relief-like image contrast

Slightly incline the illumination with the EpiRel slider in the Epi-Illuminator Z of your Axio Zoom.V16: Discover textures and small ridges, particularly at high magnification. Objects will take on more contour than in conventional brightfield.