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ZEISS Axio Zoom.V16 for Biology. Your Fluorescence Stereo Zoom Microscope for Large Fields.

Your Motorized Fluorescence Stereo Zoom Microscope Axio Zoom.V16 combines a 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture of NA 0.25, moving to the forefront of all known stereo and zoom microscopes. It achieves a very high aperture in the medium zoom range already: You get superior brightness in large object fields. With Axio Zoom.V16, the fluorescence zoom microscope for large samples you view complete model organisms in fluorescence contrast.



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Bright Fluorescence in Large Fields
Axio Zoom.V16 achieves a very high numerical aperture in the medium zoom range already: you get superior fluorescence brightness in large object fields. With Plan-NEOFLUAR Z 2.3x you achieve a numerical aperture of NA 0.5 in an object field of 1.5 millimeters. Perform your routine screenings as well as your most demanding multidimensional imaging applications with Axio Zoom.V16.

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Optimized Zoom for Your Application
The eZoom of Axio Zoom.V16 works with a motorized iris diaphragm coupled to the zoom. Simply select the best mode for your purpose:
Brightness mode: Observe fluorescence images over the complete zoom range with highest possible brightness.
Eyepiece mode: This is ideal if you work mainly with ocular observation using conventional illumination. You zoom from large object fields with maximum depth of field to high magnifications with maximum resolution.
Camera mode: Axio Zoom.V16 adapts to the performance of your camera. You get an optimal relation between resolution and depth of field across the whole zoom range.

Intelligent Transmitted Light Over the Whole Zoom Range
In addition to brightfield, darkfield and oblique illumination, you get an increased contrast brightfield at the touch of a button. With the Best Mode button, the stereo zoom microscope Axio Zoom.V16 determines the actual optical state and optimizes transmitted light automatically. Use the Adjust control to fine-tune Best Mode more precisely to your application. Then simply save your setting and reload it for your next experiment – once again, at the touch of a button.

zeiss axiozoom V16 bio Precicion: eZoom images

Precicion: eZoom images – twice as sharp
The zoom body is the core of stereo and zoom microscopes. When zooming, lenses have to be positioned precisely. Until now, a metal component milled with great care would determine the exactness of this movement, and with it the optical quality of your microscope.

eZoom replaces the mechanical curve with an electronic one. Stepping motors position the moveable lenses precisely and take the tolerances of the individual lenses into account. Each zoom body describes its own zoom curve and captures visibly more details. eZoom follows the base line for image sharpness over the magnification range with a doubled precision, compared to a mechanical zoom body. Programm zoom curves individually.



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